Cedar Point

Visiting Cedar Point

Cedar point, located in Ohio, USA, it is one of the biggest roller coaster theme parks in the world. People from many different ages go there and could potentially be the most fun memory of your life. Here is a recount of my experience visiting Cedar Point for the past 3 years with friends via our college program and some of my personal favourite picks.


If you are looking for one of the fastest roller coasters in the world, you have to dry Dragster. It is a long wait ~2 hours without a fast pass, ~30 minutes with fast pass, but it is well worth it! Obviously if you have any heart or related conditions, you should skip this one for your health’s sake.

Otherwise, as long as you are tall enough, it is an adrenaline rush of 10 seconds you have to experience. It starts off fast and ends even faster. You barely have any chance to breathe during and by the end of the ride, you are just thinking “What just happened?”


The Maverick is nowhere near as fast The Dragster, the but the twists, turns, and sudden shift of the roller coaster makes it a well worth ride that deserves the spot.


The Mantis is a little different and unique experience, because you will standing up while it takes you trough the journey. Most of the thrill and excitement comes from looking down and feeling as if though you are floating in the air, or speeding with a jetpack like in one of the Red Alert 2 soldiers. The wait time is ~1 hour, so if you are looking for a good ride with decent wait time, The Mantis is your ride.


If you come to Cedar Point and not get on the Millenium Force, you should be ashamed of yourself! This is the sole reason for visiting Cedar Point and is the reason why it is one of the world’s most famous theme parks. The wait time is obviously long since it’s very popular. It can be 2-3 hours during busy hours, but it is worth every second!

Not only is the Millenium Force fast and thrilling, but it is also one of the longest rides you could ever get on. It lasts a few minutes and takes you around the whole theme park and you have the chance to purchase a candid picture of you in pure terror during the ride.


I might be a little biased here since I am Asian. The food is pricey and isn’t that filling, so if you want to bring your own food, PBJ, sandwich, etc, it’s advised that you do so. Otherwise, there are plenty of choices to pick from. There are higher end restaurants you can eat at, or if you are looking for a quick bite, you have burger and hotdog stands around the park.

However, I have always went to Panda Express. Fore around ~$15, you can get stir fry and filling Asian food. But it comes down to preference, so if you enjoy other types of food, that’s up to you.


Depending on the season, there are specials. If you visit during the September months, you get to enjoy the Halloween spirit a little earlier and spend your time having your soul frightened. Although you know that the haunted houses are fake, you can’t help but sometimes jump in terror or feel a little uneasy. There are many different haunted houses you can choose from.

Otherwise, you can walk around the park, enjoy the nature, and enjoy some carnival entertainment. Unless you are skilled, you have a small chance of winning prizes, but it’s good entertainment nonetheless.


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