Traversing Through Mongolia

Mongolia is one of the few remaining country that is untouched by modern technology and civilization. With only 3 million people in a vast big land, Mongolia is one of the least densely populated countries in the world.

It makes it one of the best countries to go off-road trekking, riding horses, shooting guns and arrows, hunting etc. However, it is best advised that you go with a tour group agency or at least have a guide with you to show you around places.


If you never have ridden a horse before, Mongolia is a country you will be able to ride a horse without a problem. Many tour agencies allow people to rent horses for a brief moment.

However, if you are backpacker and decide to go by yourself to different cities and places, you won’t miss out since Mongolia is plentiful with horses. Nomads and herders should be nice enough to let you take a ride with them and guide you if you are nice enough.

During the Naadam festival (national holiday) of Mongolia, Mongolians hold horse racing, archery, wrestling, and other various events that test speed and strength. So, if you are into wrestling, you can test your might against other opponents who are willing to accept your challenge.

Or if you happen to be out in the countryside and enjoy shooting with bow and arrows, out in the open it shouldn’t be a hazard to see how far or accurately you can shoot. The Mongolian bow¬†however is not something to mess around with, so do take some necessary precautions of safety.


Are you looking for a place you can drive without any traffic rules? Mongolia is the place for you. Out in the countryside you will see road paths that have formed over many years, so you can have some fun with trekking on roads that won’t give you flat tire.

Even drivers with little experience can have some fun out in the Mongolian roads, however if you are serious driver, head north and west either towards the Altai mountains or Khuvsgul. It is for experienced individuals and is recommended that you have a guide to show you.


And most famously the Gobi Desert. While it may be hot during the day, the Gobi Desert can get incredibly cold, so prior preparation is necessary. There are agencies that will take you to the Gobi, but it might be more expensive and less fun.

If you are a backpacker, here’s a blog you can read with a more detailed guide on traversing the Gobi Desert. If you ever come to Mongolia, it is the coutry side that is the most beautiful and is best to avoid the city Ulaanbaatar, although spending a few days just to look around won’t hurt.

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