Visiting the beautiful Traverse City

I had the opportunity to visit the beautiful Traverse City recently. Although it’s quite a bit cold, the beautiful scenery with the all the snow will make up for it. For the past few days I have been enamored with the beauty of it all.

Just take a look at how much snow Michiganders get! It’s crazy, but it’s not a surprise since Traverse City is pretty far north and near the great lakes. Anyways here a few things I did while I was in Traverse City area and maybe it will give you ideas as well.


Looking at the frozen Michigan lake is something. You can’t see past the horizon, but it’s all pretty much white and covered in snow.


On a cold snowy day, sitting down for a cup of hot chocolate or tea gives me immense pleasure. It’s like a time for me to reflect on all of my past and meditate in a sense. You know the feeling when you’re staring into distance and not thinking much? Yeah that kind of feeling


If there is anything I like doing more than traveling is to read interesting books. The Horizon Books store had a few interesting selection of books on psychology and happiness. It’s said that the happiest people are the ones who are constantly growing and living in the NOW moment…

Walk around the Downtown area as well, you will find that the downtown city area is pretty hip and feels very homey. The people are friendly and locals seem to be kind despite the cold and snowy climate.


If you haven’t seen the Sleeping Bear Dunes try going there sometime. It’s a cool mix and mash of different environments, so it should be a nice site. However while I was running down the slope I happened to pull one of my leg muscles since I have not been active in a while. So I took a visit to one of the nearest chiropractor at TC Chiro and what do you know? I felt a lot better after having everything cracked.

After new years I plan on leaving, but the first few days so far have been very enjoyable and fun. I heard there is a cherry that gets dropped before new years, but I’ll have to see it with my own eyes!

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