My adventures in Kazakhstan

While travelling in Kazakhstan I had unfortunate experience of losing my backpack with all my phone documents my passport my wallet, everything that I needed. I had to go to the police station to file a report but it was very difficult to communicate because I barely knew any Russian; whoops…  after an hour of  fuss and confusion with the police they brought in someone who could speak somewhat English and I was able to file a report.

It’s hard having to wait for the police to get back in touch with me because I had no money no food or any place that I could stay while I got my documents back.  I had to resort to selling my belongings to a Lombard shop. I sold my camera, which I luckily still had with me at:автоломбард-алматы/

I didn’t get much for the price,  however there’s a silver lining to the story because in the span of a week I learnt how to get by without any money  and since I loved new experiences and different ways of adapting to situations it was very exciting and scary.

One night I didn’t have any place to stay and since I had ran out of money, I decided to take a walk around Almaty late night and slept  on a bench. While it was uncomfortable it was one heck of experience that give me a new perspective on life. I thought, hey money is not everything and I can get by without much money.

I did go to the embassy  and stay there for a few nights but since I was bored out of my mind I just decided to have fun with the situation. No matter what happens in your life you have the choice to make the best out of it and make it into great story that you share with your friends or you can look back at it in a negative way  there will serve you no purpose.

Yes you need money to get buy your basic necessities, however I learnt that it’s not as bad as people make it out to be. Along the way I met a few people that were willing to help me out in situations because they offered me free food and a place to stay in return for some private tutoring in English.

Luckily after week the police found my backpack. All my belongings that was valuable my computer and the cash in my wallet were taken, but my passport and all my important documents were in there. Since I initially planned to stay in Kazakhstan for only 2 weeks I had only a few days to enjoy the rest of my trip.

I did plan on staying in nice hotels in luxurious places but I learnt that you don’t necessarily have to spend money on expensive things to be happy.  Along the way I met many wonderful people, but it’s interesting how we are so quick to judge someone based on appearances. A skinny dude who looked like a drug addict, Dmitryi, was one of the nicest guys and chillest dudes I had met. One of the policeman introduced me to him and he wanted to practice his English so he let me stay at his place for a few nights.

In summary, if you ever lose something valuable do go to the police and contact your embassy but you have the choice of making it a memorable experience and adapting to the situation. It’s always on a fun and interesting experience when something doesn’t go exactly your way.

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